Sunday, October 2, 2011

Grind That Rock Into Pea Gravel, Rick!

People like Al Sharpton and media outlets like The Washington Post who continue to perpetuate and manufacture charges of racism disgust me.

So Rick Perry's father painted over a racial slur on a "slablike rock" and turned the rock over.  All of a sudden, WaPo is perpetuating the Perry is a Racist meme because the rock exists and because some idiotic locals named the area long before Perry ever became associated with it.

Never mind that Perry's family never owned the property.

Never mind that Perry found it offensive.

Never mind that Perry had it painted over.

It was THERE!  Guilty!  RAAAAACIST!

Good lord.  This crack, investigative media outlet who couldn't find Obama's birth certificate, evidence of his alliance with Bill Ayers, Obama's college thesis or transcripts, or one single member of Jeremiah Wright's church who saw Obama sitting in the congregation listening to anti-white-America propraganda.

And Al Sharpton, who continues to beclown himself, says:

“At worst he either thought it was something he could identify with and even have some bit of irony,” Sharpton said. “At best, he’s insensitive. How can someone who would seek the highest office in the land be so insensitive to the implications of that name?”

Sharpton predicted the issue will harm Perry among Republicans.

“Even though he’s running in a party whose primary do not have a substantial African-American vote, the average American does not want to be identified to such racial insensitivity,” Sharpton said. “People say, ‘I don’t want to be identified with something this blatant.’”

Seriously?!  When did Al Sharpton gain the ability to know what Rick Perry is thinking?  How does HE know what Rick Perry thought about that rock?  Perry had it painted over, Sharpton, or did you miss that?  Should he have had it ground into gravel?  Would you be happy then?  I doubt it.

And dear all republican African-Americans:  You are now insubstantial, according to Sharpton.  

What a disgrace Al Sharpton is.  He's set race relations back sixty years all by himself.  

Now he's getting help from The Washington Post.


Mr. SIGIS said...

Two words: Tawana Brawley!

david7134 said...

This is a fairly stupid story. I just hope that it does not help Perry in any manner. He is not a conservative.