Saturday, October 8, 2011

Take a Fall Trip to Second Hand Rose Antiques in Minden

We made a quick trip over to see Milly at Second Hand Rose Antiques today.  We haven't been since August and so we were overdue!

Plus, it was a great, fall day and Steve has a wonderful rental vehicle this weekend while his Santa Fe is in for repairs:  we have a brand new Jeep Wrangler (4-door) convertible for the weekend.

Love!  Must have it!  It's maroon with a black soft top.


Anyway, Milly was so busy today I didn't take a lot of pictures.  We'll be going back in the next few weeks - the annual Main to Main celebration is coming up as well as the Fasching, so we'll definitely be back.

Milly had some real oddities this time, including a shark preserved in formaldehyde which was just creepy.  I tried to take a picture but it came out blurry.  Thank me later.

This Coca-Cola lamp (and phone) were cool:

Milly tells me the phone lights up when it rings. 

And here is a lovely milk glass tray which came home with me:

Mink stole, anyone?

This piece is really cute; love the shape:

Or how about a lovely Duncan Miller swan?

There were several new pieces in the area of kid toys; Milly had two child sized stoves:

And dolls:

Supposedly these pictures glow in the dark; that might creep me out if I was a kid, but you never know:

And this kiddie juke box was cute:

Winter is about a sled?

This Little Sprout telephone still works:

This is one of the petticoats that we help Milly unpack on our last visit; she's cleaned and pressed them and WOW at the detail on them!  I can't imagine how long it took someone to make this:

It was a quick trip today and there were so many people in and out of the shop today I didn't want to get too much in the way taking pictures so we spent most of the time just poking around. 

I bought the milk glass tray, a salt spoon, we found an old slide projector so we can finally look at Steve's old slides from Germany, and I bought a couple of other little things. 

We met some friends for dinner at Nicky's in Dixie Inn, pulled the top off the Wrangler, and headed back down the interstate toward home. 

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Sarah said...

One day I'm coming to Shreveport and you're going to take me there! Heaven!