Sunday, April 11, 2010

Are You Watching The Pacific?

Is anybody else watching HBO's The Pacific?  Steve and I are sitting here waiting on episode 5.  I've heard mixed reviews from people.  Some like it and some are finding it lacking when compared to Band of Brothers.  Of course, you can't really compare it to Band of Brothers. 

So, are you watching?  What do you think?


Matt S said...

Lack of deep character development. One whole episode dedicated to drunkenness and one night stands? As if it's a best kept secret that Marines can drink?

There's no narration and very little deep dialogue, which keeps the audience detached from the characters.

Finally Eugene Sledge makes his military appearance halfway through the series.

It seems like a series of snapshots of different battles in the Pacific, without any really detail.

The characters seem more like cellmates instead of trusted friends.

I'm disappointed so far, but have a bit of hope left that "little timmy" from Jurassic Park will bring a refreshing depth to the last half of the series.

david7134 said...

I agree Matt. It seems that all you are doing is watching the same battle scene over and over and about the same joy in a story as walking down the street with a camcorder.

Jordan said...

Ditto. Its got the same production value and battle setup as BoB and SPR, but the character development is nil. The only character you can empathize with is Leckie since he's the only one that's had any real drama happen through the entire series.