Saturday, April 17, 2010

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around: The Visiting Relatives Edition

Todays FMJRA is the visiting relatives edition because my niece, her husband, and their son are coming over from Dallas for the evening to visit.  My mom will be 86 this year and Nene, my niece, likes to get over as often as she can to see her.  Alex is probably one of the most photographed kids on the planet (Nene is a photographer), but I don't seem to have a picture of them together.  This photo is from last year. 

We'll congregate at mom's house later this afternoon and visit for a while, then head out to Monjunis for some great Italian food!  (I always get the shrimp cheese toast).  On the way over from Dallas, they are going to stop at Yogi and Friends, an exotic cat sanctuary.  Steve and I have talked about going out there for years and have never done it, so I'll be interested in their review!

At any rate, I have a house to clean and a yard to tend to, so lets see what links we can scare up this week:

American Power has a post on Michelle Obama's latest FAIL, this time from a military wife.

Left Coast Rebel reports that the Crash the Tea Party guy has now been placed on leave by his school district.

Pirate's Cove reports on a new law in Arizona that does away with the concealed carry permit.  Interesting.

Snaggletoothie has some thoughts on Krauthammer's column this week and Obama's nuke policy.

Don't miss Doug Ross's report on the elimination of the public charge doctrine in the Obamacare bill.  You'll want to read that because it's going to cost you a lot of money.  Don't forget to thank the President for that one.

Stacy and Smitty had some awesome Tea Party coverage.

Legal Insurrection makes some valid points on the Kagan rumors.

Have you seen the Tea Party Barbie?  Heh!  Pundette has some words of advice for Bill Clinton. And on a related note, did you know that right-wing extremists are as dangerous as al-Qaeda?  See Gateway Pundit for that report.

I wasn't the only one outraged over Obama's smug, arrogant remarks in Miami this week; Ruby Slippers has a round-up.

No Sheeples Here has a round up of Tea Party action around the country as well as my currently favorite sign!

Grandpa John busts some Tea Party infiltrators!

Congratulations to Troglopundit for his own Memeorandum thread!

Potluck, where I've been neglecting to post since I've been sick, is thriving and doing well!  Check it out!

And finally, let's close today with Bride of Rove who smells a conspiracy brewing.

I've got to get busy with my Saturday stuff.  It's supposed to rain today and if I'm quick, I can get the yard mowed before it does.  That ought to be GREAT for my pleurisy.  What the hell am I thinking?  Maybe I'll just work inside today.  I'll catch you later.

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