Monday, April 5, 2010

The iPad

I've been wondering about the iPad. I don't actually have the fever for one but I've been reading over the past couple of days as people have bought them and are trying them out. I guess the draw is the portability of it? The mid-size portability?

Ann Althouse bought one and has spent a couple of days tinkering with it. She sums it up this way:

And I'm not going to pick it up from my bedside to check the time and a couple websites when I wake up. I'm not going to read it from a completely supine position, as I often do with the iPhone, when I'm in bed and not ready to sit up.

That's the way I am with my iPhone, too. Before I'm ready to get up, I'll use it to check on the world before I get out of bed. I do a quick check of my email and a couple of news sites and if things look good, I'll get up. If I'm going to blog, I'd rather be on my desktop or my laptop. Very seldom do I blog on my iPhone.

But would I on an iPad? Probably not, but I guess at some later date the fever could hit me. What about you, do you have the fever? Have you bought one?

I'm waiting to see what Bride of Rove has to say about it.


.....CLIFFORD said...

Pat -

Like you, I reach for my glasses and my iPhone before I roll out of the sack. I also use it to surf or read a book before I nod off. Would I do that with an iPad?

Er, no.

But I've seen the promos, and several friends who have them talk as if they turned it on and the store moved. One acted a if he needed a cigarette afterward. I could see me getting a case of iPad-ism, but right now my senses have not taken leave of me.

It won't run Mac apps, so there's another string of apps I gotta buy, it has no CD/DVD drive, and - this is a biggie for me - it won't run AutoCAD.

The design of the hardware though, like the iPhone, is gorgeous. A work of art.


The Oracle said...

Interesting. I've developed the same waking-up ritual with my iPod Touch. Check the Weather Channel app, then the NYT and USA Today apps to see what the lamestream media thinks is important and check my email. Way less jarring to my wife than flipping on the TV.
Great blog, BTW.

BoR said...

Not that attached to the iPhone. Mine seems to be possessed by an evil demon so I put it outside at night before going to bed. I am working up a rant on the iPad.