Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How Much More?

Bear with me today. I'm grouchy. I still feel like hell even after five days of antibiotics. I'm improving, but when every single breath you breathe in hurts, it gets old. And coughing? Which I HAVE to do? Forget it. So I'm irritable. My energy level is somewhere between slug and dead slug.

I'm sick to death of Obama and his crazy ass way of running ... er, ruining ... this country. Obamacare just about did me in. I fought the good fight. I fought against cap and trade. I fought against closing Gitmo. I fought against civilian trials for KSM and friends. I defended Britain and our allies when he humiliated them and I railed with everyone else when he bowed to dictators.

Do I have the energy to fight against the VAT? Or this nuclear nonsense? Can I stand up for a fight on immigration reform?

Am I done yet?

Every single day I pick up the paper or go online and there is some new fresh hot hell he has unleashed on American liberties. No more religious references in national security documents! Let's tax broadband internet! Let's start the VAT! Let's tax EVERYTHING so we can fund all these new entitlements! And open the borders while we're at it so everyone can come in and we can pay their way, too! Let's rename the country as long as we're rebranding everything.

Enough already. Let us up.

I'm tired.


david said...

The bad part is that if the Repbs get back in they will do much the same. Somehow we need a restart.

Quite Rightly said...

Early on, tea partiers were talking about going Galt.

The going Galters are going to get going on their Galt going . . .

(at least when they need rest).

Bob Belvedere said...

I think many of us of had moments like you're having now - I know I have had my share of black dog episodes these past eighteen months. But I always try to remember that we have to continue the fight because (1) we owe it to the Founders who gave us the greatest gift ever handed down from one generation to the next and (2) we owe it to the Americans as yet unborn and deserve to have their first breaths be free ones.

This fight is the right thing to do - it is our moral obligation. I have no delusions: the odds are very much stacked against us, our chances of winning are low, but how will we be able to stand before God and face him if we fail to make the effort to try and restore what He endowed us with?

Get your strength back and, in the meantime, we'll save a place for you on the ramparts.