Saturday, April 10, 2010

GOP Iowa Caucus for 2012?

Crikey!  I'm glad 2012 is a ways off.  From The Des Moines Register:

If the GOP caucus was held in Iowa today, who would you vote for? Here’s what you told us:
Mitt Romney — 24%
Ron Paul — 18%
Sarah Palin — 12%
Tim Pawlenty — 12%
Mike Huckabee — 9%
Newt Gingrich — 9%
John Thune — 7%
Jeb Bush — 4%
Rick Santorum — 4%
Bobby Jindal — 4%


MarySue said...

Newt is huffing his own press releases. It's what you call a weak field isn't it? I am holding out for a man with a plan.

The Right Guy said...

I have to wonder who goes to these events. It seems the front runners from 2008 aren't doing as well as some others. I am kind of surprised that Jindal and Palin did so poorly and that Paul and Romney dod so well. Considering Romneycare started this mess, I am surprised they would vote for the flip-flop artist. I surely hope someone else throws their hat in the ring.

Jordan said...

I'm no fan of Palin, but she's the only one with real cred. Romney has a chance, but only if he really frickin holds to the ideology, and we all know Paul won't get past first base in the primaries and he shouldn't during a war. I'd have to vote for Palin, just for a lack of options. And I do like her personality and her ability to rally, but her views have been pretty populist. I'm not a populism fan.

G.R. said...


Watch what you say about Palin. One time I commented that I liked Palin but felt she lacks the experience needed at this time to be an effective leader, and I was called a rich Rino from some working guy from Arkansas.

So, I guess you too must be a rich RINO, too.

Kim said...

in response to The Right Guy...I am one of those people that goes to these events - but wasnt paid or given a discount on my ticket or traveling expenses. I paid for all of it myself. There are certain potential candidates that I wont name but I can tell you the came in 1st and 2nd that either gave tickets away or gave discounts for their fans or 'mafia' in one case to attend so they could vote in their favor. I voted for Sarah and Newt as my second choice. I was told most of their CPAC's had links to buy tickets but I know that Ron Paul was giving a discount for a one day pass with only voting and listening access. These are the folks that boo'd when Mike Pence talked about Israel being our allie. I had not really heard Mike Pence before I voted...which probably would have changed one of my votes.

The Right Guy said...

I read about that after my post. So Romney and Paul astroturfed. How fitting for the Sear's Mannequin and Mr. Magoo.