Monday, April 5, 2010

Looking at 2012

Phillip Klein at American Spectator takes a look at the potential GOP field for 2012 and sees...not much:

Though Mitt Romney is considered the frontrunner for the GOP nomination right now, a lot of people still don't like him, both within the party and among the general population. Just as he was trying to get over his reputation as a flip-flopper from his first presidential run, he's now engaging in even more verbal gymnastics by trying to argue that Romneycare differs substantially from Obamacare (even though the plans are extremely similar).

Klein also considers Tim Pawlenty and finds him dull.

The comments are interesting and the normal suspects are offered there, Palin among them. Klein expects Obama to be vulnerable in 2012, but the GOP has to put someone viable up against him.

I'm waiting for Paul Ryan to be ready.

3 comments: said...

Love Paul Ryan - he's the smartest one up there. Also think about Jim DeMint or Michelle Bachman? Like them both.

david7134 said...

If Romeny was smart he would say, yea we tried this in my state and it did not work, so why do it again?

I really don't like politicians than spend more time with their hair than my wife.

TNelson said...

I also like Paul Ryan. He appears to be extremely bright and is able to be commanding without being belligerent. I also like John Boehner and I wonder why his name is never mentioned? Is he considered too much of a RINO?