Sunday, April 25, 2010

What's In Your Refrigerator?

Okay, I'll play.  Ann Althouse posted a picture of her refrigerator today and Glenn Reynolds linked it.

Let's see if this works...

This is my refrigerator.

Update:  Wyblog plays along!

Update 2:  Yay!  Bride of Rove is playing!

Update 3:  Hooray!  Pecan Corner is playing!  Dang!  That's a LOT of Brie!


Chris Wysocki said...

OK, I'll play.

Reaganite Independent said...

Hmmm- looks like it's hot down there, LOL

Steve said...

I like Pat's best, because I know the Spaten is mine.

Andy said...

Pat, my pitiful little blog actually got linked once by Glenn Reynolds. It's a long story...but, it kinda started out like your post here.

Like I say...long story.

But, looking at your refrigerator, I'm wondering...I don't see any mustard, or chocolate syrup in there. Do you hate vinegar, or are you a health food nut or something? Just curious. :)

Pat Austin Becker said...


Yeah, Prof. Glenn has linked me a few times, but never over a refrigerator. It goes to show never know!

Now see, if you could see the door, you'd see Zataran's spicy mustard, Hellman's mayo, beef stock, various salad dressings, etc.

The bottom two shelves have Diet Cokes, V-8, deli meats and cheeses, and a leftover roast. The two crisper drawers have iceberg lettuce, the normal salad items, bacon, some clememtines and a random Mexican beer that my son in law left here last Christmas.

No health food nut here!

If you're lucky I might post my freezer next! :)

Tina said...

This is fun! I've added mine and linked over:

Sarah said...

Wow, I thought mine was bad ;-)

The Oracle said...

Beer! Optimator!!!
I'm coming to your house!

Tina said...

LOL! Thanks for the link, Pat. My husband asked me this morning if I was going to blog about the washing machine today. Heh. ;-)