Sunday, April 25, 2010

What I'm Doing Today

Light blogging today as I'll be sunning myself in the front yard, staring at the sky waiting to see something like the picture (left).  The Air Show continues today and I plan to sit outside and watch.  We never go on base for the Air Show, as I said yesterday, because we can see what we want to see from the comfort of the front yard and it makes it easy to get home afterwards.  Heh!

You can read about the Air Show here, if you're so inclined.   The Times has a photo gallery here and here.  There is also a gallery of Drew Brees and The Thunderbirds; Brees got to fly with them Friday afternoon.  The Air Show is expected to draw 300,000 visitors over the two day weekend; you can see why I'd rather watch from home, perhaps.

Perfect weather today - no clouds and a breezy 70 degrees.  Now, where's my Sam Adams and my lawn chair?

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