Friday, April 16, 2010

Noxious Waste and Toxins in The White House

I've got to tell you, I tried really hard to ignore this story.  In fact, it's even dropped off Memeorandum now so I really did hold out for a long time.  But man, I've got to vent.  As sick as I've been over the last four weeks, I've got enough poison and toxin in me right now to last forever and I don't need any Obamarage running around coursing through my veins, so I've got to get it out.

A while back I said in a post, "I don't hate Obama."  Let me just take that back now, or at least qualify what I meant.  When I said it, I didn't hate him.  I hate his policies.  I want his policies to fail.  I mean, a part of me wants to say, "He's probably a nice person; his wife likes him, and his children.  We just are miles apart politically."

Ahem.  I don't know if I can say "He's probably a nice man," anymore.  The smug, petty arrogance in this clip simply distills all the other smug, petty, derogatory, childish and totally unpresidential remarks he has made since festered onto the national scene:

I read the remark on The Hill yesterday, but man, when I saw the video clip and the arrogant, smug smirk on this man's face, I just came unglued.  The liberals like to paint Tea Party members as seething, hate filled, anti-Obama, redneck, racist, uneducated, hypocrites.  Go ahead and call me "seething," then.  Because baby, I'm there.  The rest of those labels -- you can keep 'em.  But seething?  Oh yeah.  I'm that.

Who does this smug, arrogant prick (oh I'm sorry, but it just fits) think he is?  No President of the United States of America has EVER insulted and degraded and belittled a group of fellow Americans like this man has.  Say what you want about George W. Bush.  I can't find where he ever belittled anyone.

Obama has no class.  He has no "home training" as they say down here in the redneck south.  No manners.  He is a jerk.

Yes, I just called the President of the United States a jerk.  And a prick.  And if he'd quit acting like one, I'll take it back.

He wants me to say "thank you" to him?  For WHAT?  Did I get "tax cuts"?  Hell no, I did not.  In fact, this year I got less than one-third back from the IRS than I did last year.  My insurance premiums are about to go up.  I'm not even going to go into the list because actually, it's not even the point.

The point is that the President that bows to communist dictators has insulted me and expects gratitude from me for his ruining my country.

When Hell freezes over, Mr. Obama.  When Hell freezes over.

Update:  Oh yeah, Carol made a video about it.  She's seething, too.  And I stand corrected on Memeorandum - there is still a thread there.

Update:  Please, oh please, go read Bob Belvedere's post on this and Rush Limbaugh's response.  God love ya, Rush!  Amen!


Red said...

Why should we thank him for Bush's tax cuts? I think the term "ass hat" applies.

TNelson said...

This man truly continues to amaze me. I'm 60 years old and have been pretty politically involved since my college days and I can't ever remember a time when the country has been this divided or when we've had such an arrogant person in the white house. The video is chilling...

Sandy said...

When I saw this clip on TV, I was in my house alone and just started cursing st him on the TV and turned it off! He makes me SICK! I gave him a chance and he blew it big time!!!

Bob Belvedere said...

Bravo, Pat!

The Camp Of The Saints

The Oracle said...

Hitler's Alsatian Blondi loved him. He kinda liked her, up to the point where he tested a cyanide capsule on her in the bunker.
Never, never trust an arrogant, self-absorbed, megalomaniac, narcissist no matter who likes him.