Sunday, April 25, 2010

Update on Mississippi Tornado

The Jackson Clarion Ledger has extensive tornado coverage today of the killer tornado that struck Mississippi Saturday and nearly obliterated Yazoo county. 

The death toll stands at ten.  Three of those are children.  Some thirty people have been hospitalized or treated for injuries.  Homes and businesses are wiped out.  Meteorologist Daniel Lamb estimates that the winds were over 100 mph.

What always inspires me about these things is the bonding of a community when something like this happens and the "we will start over" attitude that so many have.  The Clarion Ledger is filled with these stories this morning.

One of those stories is of Jean Oswalt, mother of Houston Astros pitcher Roy Oswalt, who sought safety in a closet with her small dog and a pillow.  When they came out, her house was destroyed.  The first thing she saw was her husband's Bible.  She has not, however, been able to find her engagement ring.

There are volunteer numbers set up if you live in the area and can help.  Go here for options to volunteer or help.  Or go here to give to the Red Cross.

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