Friday, April 30, 2010

Hey Bossier! Vote Yes!

A reminder to all Bossier City residents for tomorrow:  Vote Yes!

Via My Bossier who reminds you that:

This is a renewal of a tax that was put into place 20 years ago, it is not a new tax. The City Council had rolled the 6 mill tax back to 4.86 mills, but rather than proposing a new tax, they just voted to renew the tax that is in place.

I fully understand anyone who wants to demand accountability from elected officials. The problem with voting this tax renewal down is that the people you will be punishing will the citizens of Bossier City and some very fine individuals who have sworn to serve.

Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.

I second what Jim said, above, one hundred percent.  If this vote goes down as a "no," the results will be devastating and ripple throughout the city.  


A.Continental.Farmer said...

The citizens are the heroes for voting for this tax increase.

No matter how bad a deal this is, we realize we need protection and we're willing to take a tax increase for it. The City Council is the enemy, and to oppose this tax would harm the citizens of Bossier City. It's like living in a high crime area, but selling your home defense guns because you're protesting against a highway tax.

It's moronic to oppose paying for police and fire, but perfectly sensible to hate City Council's and Mayor's guts for forcing us into this.

Remember in 2013 when the Mayor and City Council are up for reelection. They mortgaged your safety for wasteful spending and "economic development".

G.R. said...

A. Continental. Farmer said, "They mortgaged your safety for wasteful spending and 'economic development'"

Sir, this debate has been raging for a couple of months. What you said was every argument for this tax in a nutshell. What you said couldn't have been said any better.

Chris Mallory said...

Yeah, if you don't keep shoveling money to the cops, who will show up to string some tape after a crime has taken place? Who will run the speed traps? Who will enforce all the idiotic laws the state has passed?

Not paying the firemen? Oh no! Couldn't possibly have your fire services provided by volunteers like most of the nation does.