Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Loose Thoughts

So I'm thinking about maybe going back to the doctor.  I finished my antibiotics yesterday morning.  I still have sharp chest pain when I breathe, breathe deeply, cough or sneeze.  Pretty much all the time.  I'm going to see how it goes today.  I hear Bride of Rove in the back of my head...("Why do people wait so long to go to the doctor?!")  Okay, okay.

Speaking of pity-parties, Politico has a piece today about those poor congressional staffers and the mean people who call them names.  Many of those staffers pull in a six figure income, although in a previous piece, Politico points out that some barely cover rent.  At any rate, nobody should have to deal with insults on a regular basis regardless of income, but hey, life is hard and life in Washington is very hard.  My beef with the Politico piece is that they would have you believe it's only Republicans calling names.  Bah.

I got a huge kick out of Little Miss Attila taking the Tea Party Crashers to school!  Hilarious!

I'm off to work now.  We've got State testing this week - Egads!  Hold it down.

Update 5:30 p.m.:  Yeah, I went ahead and saw the doctor again today.  He's going with pleurisy but sent me for an x-ray to be sure.  He said to take massive doses of over the counter Aleve for the pain, but I've already called back with a request that he call me in something.  I'm not comfortable taking 3x the dose on the box 4x a day.  If you can't make it go away then give me enough pain meds to live with it until it does.  Period.


david7134 said...

Symptoms like that can go with pleurisy, especially if you still have fever. Pleurisy can be a marker of a pneumonia. On the other hand, you could have caused some chest wall inflamation by excessive coughing. This can be a busted rib or a situation like arthritis in your rib cage. May need an X-ray.

Adrienne said...

While antibiotics continue to work for many days after your last dose, it is wise to listen to your intuition. Yours is saying I may need more doctoring!

Get better!! That's an order...

asdf said...

I've noticed that often the staffers making the least money do most of the work, which also sucks. I agree that both parties are being way too critical of each other, there should be a way to be amicable even if they don't see eye to eye.

MarySue said...

Let us know how that x-ray goes. I had a terrible bout of pneumonia a few years back and was wiped out for a month. I am sure you must be really frustrated. Get better soon:)

Tina said...

Pat, sure hope you are on the mend now.

The Politico item you linked turned on a light bulb and I ended up with a comment - well maybe more than a comment LOL - anyway, too long to post here so it is over on my usually-non-political little blog, with a link back to you.

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