Sunday, April 4, 2010

Under the Dome

In my convalescence I have now finished Stephen King's Under The Dome. Dumbest.Book.Ever. I stuck it out through all 1074 pages. That includes the author's note at the end in which he explains he started the book in 1976 but put it aside until 2007 when he picked it back up. I'm thinking he should have left it in the drawer.

I don't know. Stephen King is one of those authors that I still read because he has moments where I like what he does, or something he's doing. I've been reading his stuff for thirty years, off an on. Some of it, though, got so far off the wall...I never read Cell, for example, or a couple of the other later ones. I never read the Dark Tower series.

All in all, I prefer the earlier stuff like The Shining, The Stand, or even Salem's Lot. By the time he got to Cujo, though, he started to lose me. I remember being riveted to the story but thinking, "Boy is this dumb."

I don't know why I keep buying his books and reading them. Boredom, maybe. I needed something to read that I didn't have to think about too hard. But, Under the Dome just left me pissed off at the end.

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TNelson said...

I was glad to see your review on this book. I've been considering it for awhile but the length of it kept me away. Now I'm thinking if I do attempt it I'll get it at the library. That way if I can't get through it at least I can return it. Glad you're feeling better!