Saturday, March 13, 2010

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around: The Spring Break Edition

Spring break has arrived, finally! Both the kids and the teachers need a little rest and recharging period right about now, then we're into the home stretch to finish off the school year. We've got high stakes testing facing us when we return after this week. Meanwhile, I've got a to-do list longer than it should be and lots closets I need to clean out (I've been saying I'm going to clean out those closets for two years now; don't get excited.)

Steve and I went to Ming Garden and had dinner last night; I love eating there. It's your traditional white tablecloth old, style Chinese restaurant; less of a "be seen" place than say, Imperial Cathay is. It's been run by the same folks and the same servers (pretty much) for all these years, and it's clean, quiet, and top quality. They've been in business at the same location for, well, I'm going to say at least 30 years but I'm pretty sure it's been longer. I almost always get the Beef and Broccoli and a Tsingtao. Steve varies his regular order a bit, sometimes going for Chicken with Vegetables and sometimes Dragon and Phoenix, sometimes the ChinaTown.

Anyway, it was a nice way to start off Spring Break; I came home and tried to finish up Al McIntosh's Selected Chaff, but had to go to sleep before I reached the end. I'm into the January 1945 columns now, so I'm close. I'll probably sit on the deck in the sun and finish it today (instead of cleaning out those closets).

On to the links:

Required reading this morning is this post from Doug Ross regarding the Slaughter option, which Congress seems prepared to use, and Mark Levin's take on it all. Don't miss it.

Pundette has a related post on the anatomy of a power grab. Yukio at Critical Narrative chimes in on the memo from Pelosi's assistant that is making the rounds. Ruby Slippers even has Lawrence O'Donnell slamming the Slaughter option. Obi's Sister has a few links on commentary as well.

Via Little Miss Attila, and The Other McCain, there's a trip to Washington on the 16th for one more push back on Obamacare.

Bob Belvedere says we need a Sam Adams; I'm with ya! (Oh! He meant that Sam Adams...)

The Daley Gator has a post about a guy who got laid off, bought a couple of guns, and ended up getting picked up for evaluation.

With The Pacific beginning tomorrow on HBO, I posted about Tom Hanks earlier in the week and his WTF comment about the politics of the war in the Pacific. We had some discussion going about in the comments. Jimmie Bise ably handles the topic here.

Left Coast Rebel celebrates his Instalanche and introduces you to The Coffee Party.

Fishersville Mike likens Obama to Pepe LePew.

The Corndog is back!

It's short this week but, hey, I'm on vacation. If you linked me, and I missed you, sent me an email!


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