Sunday, March 7, 2010

Republican Establishment Still Doesn't Get It

I was busy yesterday enjoying the sunshine, doing laundry, groceries, light housecleaning, and finally sitting outside on the deck reading China Marine. It was a lovely and relaxing day which we ended by walking next door after the sun set for drinks with my neighbors and another good friend on their patio. I didn't open the laptop all day (except for in the a.m. when I posted my weekly roundup.)

Stacy McCain however, was busy blogging all day and I want to point to you his piece warning the national Republican establishment to stay out of Republican primaries. We saw what happens when they interfere with NY-23 race, not to mention John Cornyn's early endorsement of Charlie Crist in Florida over Marco Rubio.

The national Republican establishment is so far out of touch with what needs to be done in the Republican party to resume leadership in this country that it is frightening. They've yet to get the message that we don't need any more RINOs in Washington. Now Rep. John Boehner is backing Rep. Parker Griffith in Alabama, someone who votes with Nancy Pelosi most of the time.

As Stacy said,

"Just as with Cornyn’s support for Crist against Marco Rubio, Boehner’s backing of Griffith puts the national GOP establishment in the position of campaigning against the exact kind of dynamic young leaders they need to be supporting."

Read his whole post here.

Update: And on a related note, don't miss this report that Evangelical donor Mark DeMoss has penned a letter to Michael Steele expressing disgust over the leaked PowerPoint presentation and vowing to donate his generous contributions from now on only to those candidates he supports rather than to the party establishment. Bravo!

The depictions of President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Harry Reid were shameful, immature and uncivil, at best. While I realize your office made steps to distance you from this presentation I’m afraid the presentation is representative of a culture and mindset within the Republican National Committee; consequently, I will no longer contribute to any fundraising entity of our Party—but will contribute only to individual candidates I choose to support.

Read his entire letter here.

(H/T: Memeorandum)


Lynn said...

FWIW, my father, a loyal Republican, started telling the national Republican establishment in 1990 that they had lost their way and to no longer count on his support. He supported local Republican candidates, however.

Since these people only understand the dollar and as more people refuse to donate, perhaps they will "get it." If not, the national Republican establishment may have to downsize their office space. :D

G. R. said...

You would have thought the Republicans would have gotten the message before the 2006 election. People were screaming and calling national talk shows railing about the liberal paths the Republicans were taking.But they didn't listen.

In 1994 the conservatives didn't just elect Republicans as a counterbalance to Clinton, the Republicans were voted in to take back this country from liberal madness. We wanted the Republicans to do to the Democrats what the Democrats are doing the conservatives now: shut them out of the process, and get spending under control and eliminate idiotic social agendas being shoved through Congress.

But what did the Republicans do? Took the middle of the road approach, included the Democrats in their processes of making legislation which put liberal pollutants in the water. Eventually, the whole process was taken over by the liberals and moderate Republicans, and a liberal is a liberal no matter if they have a "D" or an "R" after their names.

My fear is that the Republicans are saying they learned their lesson, but are they just saying that to fool the people again?