Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pushback Against Obamacare Today

Crowds are gathering in Washington for the protest against Obamacare today. This picture is from Robert Costa at NROs The Corner.

Smitty is en route and will have updates at The Other McCain. Check his Facebook page, too.

If you, like me, can't be there, Nice Deb has a list of things you can do today such as working the phones and taking part in a national horn honking protest at 12 p.m., your time. Laura Ingraham has a good call list. And here is the Whip Chart from Roll Call.

I'll be blogging, phoning, emailing, and pulling my hair out. That's always helpful. I'm flying my Gadsden flag today.

If you need some reading material, check out this post by Andy McCarthy on "Slaughtering the Constitution":

This is what is happening to the legislative process. Sure, we don't make lawmakers dot every "i" and cross every "t" every time. But that doesn't mean we've abandoned the right to make them play it by the book when it comes to a controversial matter. When there's a real dispute, they have to pass the bill the regular, constitutionally mandated way: Both houses on the exact same text, with every legislator accountable for his vote.

If, instead,the legislative process becomes a farce that departs from the constitutional procedures we are entitled to enforce, then it no longer represents the consent of the governed. It is the first American principle that government derives its just powers only from the consent of the governed, and when it takes on a form that becomes destructive of the fundamental rights of the governed, it is no longer legitimate.

There's more at Hot Air by Ed Morrissey.

Michelle Malkin has a post on the events in Washington today. Watch for updates there, too.

Get busy!

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