Monday, March 22, 2010


Update 3/24: Still sick. Bleh. Light blogging today.

Is there some kind of twisted irony in the fact that Obamacare passed yesterday and I'm sick as a dog today? Seriously. I woke up Saturday with a cold or allergy or what I'm going to now call the ObamaFlu. My throat hurts, I'm feverish, and I'm stuffy. And of course I had to go back to work today after a week of Spring Break.


I'm blaming Obama.


Steve Burri said...

Pat, I got good news and I got bad news for ya.

The good: Obamaflu is curable.

The bad: You will not be able to receive your first booster shot until November. The disease will run its course by early January, 2013.

Florida Girl said...

I am sorry you feel bad. I think we are all feeling under the weather today. I was wondering if you have an update on Taz. I have been worried about that sweet little dog. Hope you feel better soon

Pat Austin Becker said...

Thanks for the well wishes! I've just returned from CVS where I loaded up with an array of stuff to treat all the symptoms. I will survive.

I should have an update on Taz tomorrow; I checked with Gena today and she said "He's coming home tomorrow! I can't wait!"

No word from the vet about how he's been doing or anything like that.

So. I'll check on him tomorrow afternoon and post an update!

Fingers crossed!

jill said...

I was sick all weekend and resorted to watching Rhoda reruns on Saturday night. (Also got slammed with a nasty cold just after the election.)

Hope you feel better soon.

Red said...

Aw man. Talk about adding insult to injury. Recover! Recover! WoooooOOoooo! There. That's all the hoo-nanny I know. I one the other hand visited my awesome ENT where I got two stings by the get-better bees—one in each cheek. Aaahhh. I highly recommend it. Get well soon and share the news about Taz ;-)

Anonymous said...

Get sick and see a doctor while you can. Those days will soon be over.
You will pay out the ass in taxes, but the government will be so broke from taking care of those who didn't pay into the system.

Adrienne said...

There is no doubt in my mind that all the cr*p going on is responsible for making many of us sick. Stress can cause illness.

Take care and try to quit worrying.

robot said...

Hope you feel better soon.