Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"No Trickery Here"

House Democratic Whip James Clyburn appeared on Fox News this morning admitting that he still does not have the votes to move Obamacare forward. He says he WILL have them, he just doesn't now.

This is also confirmed by Steny Hoyer.

Pelosi is still moving toward the Slaughter Rule which would deem the Senate bill passed in the House, saving members from actually publicly voting on a noxious bill.

Clyburn insists that "there is no trickery here" in using the Slaughter Rule and contends that there is "nothing unusual" about it at all.

Of course, this "deem and pass" strategy has never been used on a bill that would take over 1/6 of the American economy, the student loan program, mandate individuals to purchase health insurance, and provide special deals and kickbacks to certain states,among other toxic nuggets.

No trickery here.

Business as usual.

Meanwhile, Michelle Malkin reports that Republicans are working on a measure to force a vote:

House Republican leaders will announce this morning a plan to force a vote this week on a resolution that would require the Senate health care bill to be brought to an actual up-or-down vote...If passed by the House, the resolution would prohibit Speaker Pelosi from implementing the “Slaughter Solution,” the scheme by which House Democratic leaders are seeking to “deem” the Senate bill as passed without an actual vote in the House."

She has the likely text of the measure.

And the March on Washington continues...Stacy McCain has pictures!

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