Friday, March 19, 2010

Mark Levin Interviews Paul Ryan

Don't miss Mark Levin's interview with Rep. Paul Ryan yesterday. Ryan dipped into the cloakroom from the House floor yesterday to speak with Levin for about ten minutes on the state of proceedings on Obamacare.

Ryan is so well spoken and so knowledgeable about this issue that Levin has to slow him down sometimes to clarify.

The first point Ryan makes is that he has the CBO working on a letter for him to clarify their scoring of the bill; he points out that the CBO only scores what is actually written and if the bill is written to disguise things like the "Doc Fix" or the $522 Billion they are pulling from Medicare (which is then counted twice), it alters the scoring of the bill. In simple terms, the bill costs a whole lot more that what CBO says it does - some say at least $2 trillion.

Ryan said in this interview yesterday that the Dems still don't have the votes. We need to stay engaged and turn up the heat. This bill can be defeated. This bill, Ryan says, "is not about health care anymore, it's about ideology," and in the Dems world, "ideology trumps economy" because this bill kills jobs.

One thing Ryan is "digging into" is the Bismark Bank provision which appears to exclude just one bank in from the onerous student loan provisions coming in the new bill. Ryan also points out that some 32,000 jobs of people who now process student loans will go away because of this legislation.

It's an informative interview with the obviously fired-up Paul Ryan and worth ten minutes of your morning. Take a listen.

And as a backup, Levin promises that if this thing passes on Sunday, his lawsuit will be in the 24 hour drop box at the courthouse within the hour.

(H/T: Andy McCarthy - NRO The Corner)

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MarySue said...

Great report Pat. I hadn't heard that interview. Let's hope Ryan gets that letter from the CBO today.