Saturday, March 13, 2010

How We Got Here

I'm loving this post at Red State from yesterday (just now getting to it...). E Pluribus Unum is clear as a bell as to how we got here and what will happen next - a small sample:

Let’s recap the last year of the Democrats’ Health Care Takeover adventure. Why? Because it was fun, and we won:
  • With 60% majorities in both House and Senate, and flush from victories on Porkulus and Cap-and-Trade, Obama and the media tried selling America on their signature issue - government health care takeover — with glib lies, fuzzy math, and blaming ‘evil’ insurance companies.
  • FAIL – it smelled like a government takeover.
  • They shut Republicans and their ideas out of all discussions, in order to shut down dissent.
  • FAIL – America noticed, and so came the August recess fiasco. So also came 99.54% party discipline, as only Joe Cao (from a hyper-blue district) voted with the Democrats, to date.
  • They skipped, dodged, and staged astroturfed townhalls.
  • FAIL – Twitter. Internet. Americans found and crashed the meetings anyway.
  • They sent their SIEU and ACORN thugs to intimidate ordinary outraged Americans.
  • FAIL – People took their beatings. And brought video cameras.
This list goes on for a while...

What happens next? It's there, too:

Six things I can think of, the first three within days. I couldn’t say what order, because things will move pretty quickly. So I list them how my mind sorts them.

1. The Supreme Court will strike it down within days.

I don’t remember which of the 3 authors I cited said this (or maybe I heard it on the radio), so I don’t know who to cite. But every American has standing here, due to the exceedingly far reach of the Health Care Takeover bill. Somebody will sue. I predict GOP members of Congress will, and it will go straight to the Supreme Court. They will strike down the whole caboodle, and they will do it almost immediately. Probably 6-3, with Breyer and Kennedy voting with the originalists. Their ruling is very likely to include language extremely damning of the behavior of Democrats.

There are five more. Read the whole post.


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TNelson said...

Thanks for posting this - It gives me hope that someone out there will do something to truly put an end to this nonsense.