Monday, July 13, 2009

Assualt on Reason: Team Obama Negotiates With Terrorists

On Thursday last week, Obama released the "Irbil Five" to Iran. It's difficult to fathom the wisdom of this move which further weakens our national security and the security of our armed forces fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Steve Schippert, writing for NRO, explains that over 400 of our American soldiers killed in Iraq have died because of a weapon designed by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps; the Irbil Five are commanders from this group. Specifically, they are Qods Forces: "Qods Force (IRGC-QF), an organization known for providing funds, weapons, improvised explosive device technology and training to extremist groups attempting to destabilize the Government of Iraq and attack Coalition forces."

Schippert explains the background, that these guys were captured in Iraq in January 2007 during a raid on their safehouse; the house had been dubbed as a "consulate" but had no diplomatic status. I point that out because the AP and Tehran both refer to them as "diplomats," but that is untrue.

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