Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Three Rich Republicans" are Holding Up Obamacare?

Jane Hamsher is getting nervous about the passage of Obamacare. Lashing out at the slow progress, she says, "Democrats control the House, the White House, and the Senate -- with a 60 vote majority. Yet they can't find a way to do what 76% of the country wants in the midst of a health care crisis because they're focused on making three rich Republicans happy."

That 76% she quotes comes from this poll which doesn't exactly say that 76% of the country wants a public option. Seventy-six of 248 respondents said that it was either "very important" or "quite important" to have a choice between a public and a private plan. The poll was conducted between June 12-15; a lot of information has come out since then.

The latest Rasmussen poll shows an even split at 47% for Obamacare and 47% against. 35% of the voters polled are for a public option while 50% are opposed. The latest Gallup poll also shows Obamacare is "a tough sell" for Americans.

Another issue Hamsher mis-states is that the hold up here is all about "making three rich Republicans happy." I'd say there's a lot more at stake than that. Americans are waking up to the tactics of those on the Hill, for one thing. We're tired of having legislation rammed down our throats before the ink is even try on the rough drafts. We're tired of Congress not reading the bill.

Why rush through legislation that is so controversial among the American people right now and which is still being debated? The details haven't been worked out; there are three versions floating around right now and none have been reconciled. Why rush to vote just to get it done "before recess"?

We have concerns about the cost of Obamacare and how we will pay for it. We have concerns about things like end-of-life counseling and government bureaucracies. We have concerns about government coming between people and doctors. We have concerns about rationing of health care. We have concerns about private insurance companies being forced out of the market by unfair government competition; about the strains it will all put on small business.

Oh no, Ms. Hamsher, it's about a lot more than "three rich Republicans."

Democrats may control the House and the Senate right now, but 2010 is coming.

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Red said...

2010 can't get here fast enough. Please Lord, make it rain!

snaggletoothie said...

With their "I won" mentality the Dems seem to think that all of their dreams and desires should be unquestioningly delivered to them. The hard work of governing always surprises these eternal children. So they get angry and blame everyone in sight.