Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Speaking of Obamacare... sure to read Keith Hennessey's analysis. He's giving you two very realistic hypothetical situations and done some "shopping" for health insurance for them. A summary of one:

To summarize, under the House bill:

  • Freddy and Kelsey are a 40-year old couple with two kids. They own and run a small tourist shop in Orlando, Florida.
  • They are the only employees, and earn a combined $90K per year.
  • They cannot afford even an inexpensive health insurance plan, and so the House bill would make them pay $2,050 in higher taxes.
His point, of course, is that it's nearly impossible to make a mandate work. One of the comments on his post is from a fellow that opted not to have insurance for the two years he was in grad school because it was cheaper to pay out of his own pocket for whatever medical expenses he figured he might have. A risk, yes. But a small one, and a personal choice.

The government is taking the personal choice out of many aspects of our lives these days, and now health care is one more of them.

As Hennessey explains it, this bill will raise taxes (fines/penalties) on a huge group of people that cannot obtain health insurance through their small businesses and would get no subsidy from the government to buy care through a public plan.

Read his post, and the comments, too.

What about them?

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