Friday, July 17, 2009

Guys in Tuxedos and Bass Players With Moves

I know, I'm supposed to be reading the news and getting caught up, but I had to read Sippican Cottage first because the guy just writes poetry; I love him. And he posted this video that made me laugh. He wrote, "Summer always calls for listening to guys in tuxedos declaiming their love for girls in hot pants, while driving Chevies with the top down, filtered through the ether and transmogrified by the AM radio in the dash with the tiny speaker. But on the internet, you can watch the bass player do his steps while he plays. Not steps, exactly; more like a handicapped ramp shimmy." And when you see the video, and the bass player, you'll laugh too. Good times! Thanks, Sippican!

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North La Blogs said...

Pat, thanks for a great little trip down memory lane!