Saturday, July 25, 2009

Make of This What You Will

Hmmm, that Obamacare press conference didn't go so well.

July 9
July 7
June 30
June 23

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G.R. said...

What is amazing is how the In-Bed-With-Obama Media is reporting all is well in Obamaland, and how those on the left believes it, while they are ignoring the tsunami of ill content that is coming their way. I honestly hope they continue to ignore it. (It's not just a Right thing either.)

Looking at some of the other posts Pat referred to I found one thing rather baffling. One blog mentioned how some Blue Dog Democrats were upset about being lied to by their party leaders. Do they honestly think we're that stupid? Those bozos knew exactly what they were signing up for, the only thing they weren't expecting was the backlash they got in their home districts.

The real majority of Americans are angry, and have been pushed around by a small percentage of radicals long enough and is now refusing to be pushed around anymore. And this is surprising, and upsetting, the left.

I think the curtain has been pulled back is exposing the Wizard of Obamaland.