Saturday, July 18, 2009

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around: The Headed to Nachitoches Edition

Steve and I are headed to Natchitoches today so let's get to the linkage so I can get moving!

Start off at Fishersville Mike with some super scary pictures - eek!

Troglopundit asks a VERY good question. The Daley Gator has an equally good question as does Grandpa John. And speaking of excellent questions, Bride of Rove has a doosy and I'd like someone to answer it.

Paleo Pat is paying tribute to Walker Cronkite as is The Anchoress.

Carol pays tribute Mr. Cronkite also and she also has a so-sad-it's-true story on Joe Biden.

Heh! Someone buy Little Miss Attila some Play-doh please! But no Plato.

Flopping Aces, (who never, EVER link me) has a really good essay on John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and where we are today. I enjoyed it because I'd just watched the HBO series for the second time and have read the huge McCullough book. It'll make you think.

Doug Ross, who links me more than I deserve (and I LOVE him for it!) has an interesting piece on the "intersection of the insurance industry, Obamacare, and the Constitution.

Donald Douglas takes a look at Obama's NAACP speech. I'll offer you one quote, but you've got to go read it: " If a black person can't make it in America today, they aren't going make it. What barriers are keeping folks down? What impediments? It's not all those "indicators" touted by the President. The rate of imprisonment; the proportion of HIV/AIDS; the number of those uninsured ... You get the picture. The President's talking statistics, not causation."

Monique Stuart also has some thoughts about the speech.

Jimmie Bise has an excellent post on Obamacare here and here and that second one got linked all over the blogosphere.

And Yukio makes some excellent points on Obamacare. Again, I'll offer a quote, but you must go read it all: "So, while Obama urges us to sacrifice in the midst of empty and meaningless references to Normandy and the Founding Fathers-- all amid town hall/devotional cheers-- the machinations of the federal government offers us this heavy-handed, top-down travesty of a bill to sacrifice our elders upon."

Sister Toldjah looks that the CBO report on Obamacare and I believe she's dubious about Obama's promise not to hurt the little people.

Pundette points out that Obamacare will be rationing a lot more than health. Jordan is fed up with the prospects of Obamacare, also.

The Left Coast Rebel is proposing an intervention for Obama.

A couple of must-watch videos on socialized medicine at Snaggletoothie's place.

Free guns!

What's going on in Honduras? Fausta knows.

My Bossier is longing for the good old days, and who knows, those may be pictures of our future health care medications. Things go full-circle sometimes.

One of my favorite blogs EVER is Sippican Cottage, as regular readers know. He offers this post about Ten Things You Should Be Able to Do if You're a Handy Homeowner (But Still Can't).
I can only do three of them. I suck.

Sarah made me cry this week. But she does have a profile of Sue Myrick of North Carolina (that's not what made me cry.)

Have you looked at Charlie lately?

Professor Jacobson is saying yes to Sotomayor.

Robert Stacy McCain likes Michelle Malkin's new book! Wonder why....

Jules Crittenden is opening a new store.

Texas Rainmaker has a long, long list of Obama-gaffes.

And now I'm off. There is a meat-pie at Lasyone's waiting for me. I'll catch you cat daddys later.
Get outside today and enjoy your weekend.

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