Friday, July 31, 2009

Enough, Already!

For crying out loud, can't we let this "birther" issue go, once and for all? It's beyond ridiculous by now.

The Daily Kos has a poll out now that concludes that the majority of birthers are Southern and Republican.

I'm Southern AND Republican and I don't give a damn where he was born. He's elected, he's in, and he's ruining the country. That's all I need to know.

Let it go, people. It's a distraction and a waste of time. Move on.


Red said...

I'ts not a distraction. It's pertinent becuase otherwise why would the One kept spending millions of dollars fighting inquiries. If someone found something tangible, something provable somewhere it could undo so much and that would be so worth it. In the meantime it's not a distraction for me because I still have my eye out for the health(s)care legislation and cap and trade. Call me a birther all day long. I don't care. I say show me the proof. Until then not only am I going to keep wondering, I will also be on the phone, emailing and taking to task our elected reps over crappy legislation. I'm southern and conservative and can multi-task.

TNelson said...

I agree. Move on - it's a done deal. Let's figure out how to make sure he doesn't get back in in 2012

BrideOfRove said...

He was hatched anyway.

G. R. said...

@Bride of Rove said, "He was hatched..."

Avian or reptile?