Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Is Sgt. Crowley Married?!

If you Google Sgt. James Crowley's marital status, you get about 7,000,000 responses. Actually, most are just about Gates-Gate, but there is a curiosity about whether or not the good policeman is married.

Why did I Google that? Because a friend told me she had a hit about it on her sitemeter. I'm testing a Google-bomb. Hey, my stats are low today.

Sorry kids, yes he is. And with three kids. He spends his off-time coaching his kids' sports teams.

What is it about men in uniform? Or out of, for that matter?


Sarah said...

Yeah, we know why you were really Googling that!

I did no such thing! ;-)

Red said...

Or a man that stands up for his principles. Now that's hot.

BrideOfRove said...

Alright - it's not Antonio Banderas hot but he is kind of cute in a law officer kind of way and I'm only willing to objectify him because he "supports Obama 100%" otherwise - you know - I'd respect him in the morning and stuff.

Steve said...

Sarah, Why would Pat be looking in the ground beef section, when she has a beef cake cop of her own? ;-)

Sarah said...

Steve - that's what I tried to tell her! Just beware if Sgt. Crowley ever shows up in Shrevport LOL ;-)

Steve said...

I have nothing to worry about. Pat has me trained the way she wants me, and she wouldn't want to have to start all over again.

Sarah said...

Steve -

You two are too sweet :-)

In that case, as I told Pat earlier, if Sgt. Crowley or any other attractive single men show up, she has my contact info :-)