Friday, July 10, 2009

Pentagon Goes Nanny State.

Oh for crying out loud, if I'm going to ask a serviceman to defend me and my freedoms, I'm all for letting him have a cigarette. If we can smoke here at home, and the president can smoke in the White House, let the Marines and all the others have a cigarette whenever they want to. And I won't begrudge their medical care, either.



The Vegas Art Guy said...

Pure frigging insanity... Let em smoke for crying out loud.

yukio ngaby said...

Huh. It looks like you can't even earn the right to smoke...

Maybe Congress should propose that the VA medical benefits be nullified if the vet smokes. (That's sarcasm if you can't tell...)

G.R. said...

Yukio, don't give them the idea, they may do it.
The last few years I was in the Army, I retired in 2005, there anti-tobacco (smokeless included) posters everywhere.
I missed the old days when you reported to a new post, you had a mandatory in-processing briefing, usually at the enlisted club, and they railed against the evils of drinking and driving and all the curses it would bring. Then, when it was over they had a keg at the back of the room, free of charge, for the new comers. And you lit 'em if you had 'em. (I wasn't a smoker.) Damn, the Army was much simpler back then.

Radish said...

That bill WOULD apply to the Commander-in-Chief, right?

(I don't care if he smokes, I care that he lies about it.)