Monday, July 27, 2009

Why Read the Bill?

At least John Conyers is honest. Via CNS News and Memeorandum, we have this clip of Conyers wondering what good it does to "read the bill."

Is he frustrated that he "only has two days" to read the bill, or frustrated that you need "two lawyers" to understand it? There is a solution to both of those problems; slow down!

We know that nobody read the Porkulus bill. That will hurt some of them in 2010. We also know that most did not read the Cap and Trade bill. That will definitely hurt in 2010. My suggestion to any Congressman who hopes for re-election? Slow down, read the bill, be sure you know what you're about to inflict upon your constituents and on the future of America.

Slow down!


Darrell said...

Maybe it is time for a bill that says you can't vote on a bill for 2 weeks after it is introduced on the floor.

G.R. said...

Darrell, what's the use, they wouldn't read that bill either.

Right after the first of Obama's stimulus bills was passed, and we found out Congress didn't read it, I saw a sign that read, "Put our four-year-olds in Congress, they can't read either."