Saturday, July 4, 2009

Full Metal Jacket Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July! It's going to be 103 degrees here today and I'm going to stand outside at the peak of it attending our local Tea Party/Freedom Celebration. Can't wait!

Let's get straight to the linkage, shall we? Full Metal Jacket Rule 2 Saturday begins now:

Most everyone weighed in on Sarah Palin yesterday and you can surf through any blogroll, including mine, and find posts on that. My favorite post on Palin came from Carol at No Sheeples Here (who of COURSE made a perfect graphic for the occasion!). Carol said exactly what I'd have said if I was only half as articulate.

I also have to point to Sarah's post on the Palin resignation because Sarah in Georgia has been a fan of Sarah from Alaska for a very long time and has some very well thought out remarks.

On the subject of Palin, you should look at Doug Ross's blog which points to deranged photoshop manipulations on Palin's family - and no, it's not the Trig photo you've already seen. People are freakin' SICK sometimes.

Of course, Robert Stacy McCain was in ALABAMA prepping for his fireworks show and was incommunicado for the Palin story but Smitty covered admirably and was able to find The Most Ludicrous Sarah Palin Reaction. As much as I love Smitty, I might have to disagree with him; I think the most ludicrous reaction came from HuffPo and Pundette has it here. Absolutely vile.

And my last word on the Palin story is what Bride of Rove said (I LOVE her blog): "I’m listening to the pundits and thinking - guys - you just don’t get it. You don’t have the slightest clue. Spin until your heads explode but you will never understand just how disgusted we all are with the BS and the crap called Washington and NY. That speech with the baby fussing and the ducks quacking in the back ground - Sarah’s nerves clearly strung tight as a piano wire - was historic. She’s coming for all of you. You’ve thrown down your best hits and she was held back by the candidacy and the office - but as a private citizen with her popularity and the clear support of middle America behind her - there are no limits."

Donald Douglas has a great round-up on the Honduras story. Be sure you check out the new Honduras Abandoned blog also. Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection notes that Obama's handling of Honduras simply defies logic.

I'm glad Yukio is back with us, though sorry he's hit a rough patch with his book. Yukio has a nice post on Honduras.

In the spirit of the holiday, Troglopundit has some nifty vintage pin-ups. And Flopping Aces (who never link me) has a beautiful fireworks photograph.

If you Twitter, and who doesn't, be sure to check out Kiss My Gumbo for an explanation of the #militarymon hashtag. Greta does fabulous work with Soldier's Angels and is an avid supporter of our military. Go check it out.

Little Miss Attila made me laugh yesterday, and we all need a laugh sometimes. Grandpa John made me laugh, too.

Gateway Pundit has John McCain's Republican address this week (which I missed because I was doing THIS) in which he supports the Iranian people. Nice job, Maverick!

Jimmie at The Sundries Shack is staying with the IG story. It's not going away, folks!

The Left Coast Rebel has a wonderful post on the Obama administration's Moral Compass. Please go read it.

The Daley Gator weighed in on health care - let's pay attention to that one folks!


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I agree with you, Pat. The Huff Po article was despicable.

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