Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Biden Says No More Major Attacks Are Coming

Here is "Don't Mess With Joe" Biden talking to Larry King about the potential for another massive 9/11 type attack, which he declares "unlikely."

In fact, he explains that the terrorists seem to be going to "smaller" but more "devastatingly frightening" attacks, like the Christmas Day bomber. It's hard to imagine how anything could be "more devastating frightening" than 9/11, but Joe says it's so.

All is well, though. Biden says he's "been impressed" with the efforts this administration has made in building on the last administration in the fight against terror.

That's a relief.


Red said...

Well if Joe Biden says we're all safe, then we must surely be safe. NOT!

G.R. said...

Thank God we have Joe Biden on our side. He must be a swami who sees all, knows all, and tells all.

With him around the U.S. can save a lot of money and dismantle its intelligence capabilities. I think old Joe already dismantled his own.

If this isn't proof that this Adminstration has its collective head up its rear end, I don't know what is. This Administration is dangerous.

yukio ngaby said...

Did you see Biden tell Larry King that Iraq is one of Obama's greatest achievements?

Even the L.A. Times isn't buying that one:

Cute, huh? Did Obama also invent the internet?