Monday, February 22, 2010

On The Friday News Dump Clearing Yoo and Bybee

Don't miss this WSJ editorial "Vindicating John Yoo" in response to the Friday news dump that both Yoo and Bybee are cleared of wrongdoing.

Dana Perino and Bill Burck also have a response at The Corner:

We don’t mean to be insulting, but the plain fact is that OPR is not, and has never been, equipped to second-guess OLC. The office’s role is a limited one focused on ethical violations; it is not staffed with experts on constitutional law or national security. It would be preposterous to rely on OPR’s judgment about hard questions of constitutional and statutory law over that of OLC or the Solicitor General’s Office. As Andy McCarthy has said, “having OPR grade the scholarship of OLC is like having the Double-A batting coach critique Derek Jeter’s swing.”


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