Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dog Show - Night Two

Tonight is the second night of The Westminster Dog Show.

Last night's winners included this French Bulldog in the non-sporting group (close to my heart because my dog is a Frenchie/Boston Terrier Mix) and in the Hounds group it was the Whippet. An old poodle won the toy group, (apologies to poodle lovers, but I'm not one of 'em) and a Puli won the Herding group. The Puli is one of those dogs that looks like a mop - adorable!


Steve said...

Don't dis the poodle. It's not the poodles' fault. They originated in Germany for hunting, but leave it to the French to adopt the breed as their own and to do what they've done to it.

Remember, under all the foo foo looking fur doo beats the heart of a dog.

Jim said...

Pat, this is so off the wall, but did you ever see the movie 'Best of Show'? It has to be one of my all time favorites.

Pat Austin Becker said...

Ha! I sure did! Hilarious, and I just can't watch a dog show without thinking of it! Too funny!

Red said...

I love dem French Bulldoggies! ANd I love Boston Terriers too. I'm often torn between which one I would like to have as a pet. Husband wants one of those nasty bulldogs. They fart and slobber a lot. Not on my couch thank you very much!