Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spring in Louisiana, Winter in Iowa

Steve's sister writes from Iowa that they are expecting another 6 to 12 inches of snow today. This was the view from her window before the snow started today. This is what she looked outside and saw, and then thought, "Hey! I think we can get to the store today!"

I think it's beautiful but I know they are sick of it.

For my part, I dutifully mulched and bagged as many leaves as I could. I mowed (weeds mostly), edged, and fired up the blower. I replaced all the burned out light bulbs outside. I pruned a gardenia bush that didn't fare so well over winter.

The daffodils are showing color - they'll be blooming in a few days. My hydrangeas have tiny green leaves poking from the stems. Spring is coming!

Take heart, Sheryl! It will get to Iowa soon!


TNelson said...

You cannot even imagine how we in the midwest (I'm in Omaha, NE) long to hear the sound of a lawnmower. We have now had snow on the ground longer than any other winter in the last 30+ years :(.

sheryl said...

the only yard work we are getting done involves using a snow shovel and a snow blower.

it hasn't started snowing yet. we've had a few flurries then it stops. we haven't listened to the weather because we are watching yard crashers, curb appeal and other gardening shows on hgtv!!! these people have green grass and leaves on their trees!

Pat Austin Becker said...

@TNelson: Send pics! I love snow pictures!