Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Do You Feel Safer Now?

While the report from top intelligence officials that a new terrorist attack is imminent is frightening, I don't think it's surprising.

From Day One this administration has seemingly gone out of its way to portray this country as soft on terror, beginning with the Executive Order to close Gitmo. And no, I'm not buying that bunk that Gitmo is a "recruiting tool." Even if the specter of Gitmo is invoked by anyone recruiting for al-Qaeda, they really don't need Gitmo to recruit extremists who hate us.

What does sort of surprise me, and I guess it shouldn't, is that Janet Napolitano didn't even attend the House Homeland Security Committee hearing last week to clarify the actions of her department regarding the Christmas Day bomber. Instead she sent a stand-in while she was in her office "consulting with members of an unspecified think-tank."

Didn't she think it was important to be there? Not to cast stones at her stand-in, who I am sure was probably adequate, or at least as adequate as Napolitano, but it sends a message that she just doesn't think it's important.

Maybe she'll pay more attention to this prediction by top intelligence officials:

The nation’s top intelligence officials warned Congress on Tuesday that terrorists are “certain” to attempt another attack on the U.S. within the coming months...It was echoed by Blair, FBI Director Robert Mueller, acting U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Intelligence and Research John Dinger, and the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency Lt. Gen. Ronald L. Burgess, Jr.

As I said before, not surprising. What really scares me, though, is who is in charge. The entire National Security front leaves me feeling a little insecure.


Conservative Pup said...

It feels like we have shallow, clueless, and dim folks in charge, and we just have to let them handle it. Reminds me of how I used to feel while working as a full-time nurse in a neonatal ICU and certain residents were on for the day, residents that none of us trusted. The difference is, then I could refuse to follow orders that didn't sound right to me, and there was always phone backup with their supervisors. Which we used, a lot.

Now, there isn't a wise overseer that we can call to say, "Uh,,these people don't seem to know what they're doing." Scary.

I like your blog, good job!

Jordan said...

We've got DHS sending in puppets for important meetings and our UN amb. is spending most of her time in DC while FRANCE of all countries is taking up the leadership on the Iranian nuke issue.

God help us.