Sunday, February 28, 2010

Does Having Health Insurance Make You Feel Risky?

Nancy Pelosi on This Week, talking to Elizabeth Vargas:
And by the way, the health care bill is a jobs bill. It will create four million new jobs, several hundred thousand immediately upon enactment. And it will also encourage an entrepreneurial spirit in our country where people can take risks and be entrepreneurial because they know they have health care.
Are we to assume all those people with health insurance now are just not taking advantage of the entrepreneurial options that having health care gives them?

If you have health care right now, do you feel that "entrepreneurial spirit"? Do you feel like taking risks?

Just askin'.


lady di said...

Someone please tell Nancy, the village called and they want their idiot back

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Let's see, 253.4 million Americans currently have health insurance, of those, 80% are happy with it. What the heck is Pelosi talking about?