Sunday, February 7, 2010

False Hope

Now I understand why Andrew Sullivan spends so many of his waking hours demonizing Sarah Palin and her family. He's afraid of her:

Above all, she is capable of generating a personality cult - much, much more so than Obama, because she can harness Christianism to her divine destiny. The power of this kind of appeal - of a charismatic, beautiful woman, an icon of the pro-life cause, persecuted by the evil elites, demonized by libruls, and commanding the biggest military on earth - should not in my view be under-estimated.

Know fear.

Of course, most people have figured this out already, but I don't usually pay that much attention to Sullivan.

But, I got my hopes up when I saw the headline on Memeorandum:

I got hopeful that he'd finally decided to quit talking about her.

Silly me.


Jordan said...

Sully is like David Newiert, his industry is no longer political punditry, but character assassination. He can't simply convince others to not like Palin on the issues, so he's gotta be a nutball and go after her kid and grandkid.

The man needs to get fired.

Lynn said...

I see Sarah more as a present day Deborah.

Red said...

Andrew Sullivan is bitter as it's obvious he has her to thank for his steady income because other than being a total Trig-truther and Palin basher, what else does he have to say?