Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Iowa Snow Pictures

Steve's family sends snow snapshots; the first two are in south central Iowa and the last one is Clear Lake. Now THAT'S some snow! In Clear Lake, they're running out of places to put the stuff; the snow blowers can't blow it over the drifts.

Spring in Louisiana, Winter in Iowa (Feb. 20, 2010)
More Iowa Snow Pictures (Jan. 7, 2010)
Snow (Jan. 4, 2010)


steve said...

In the top picture I'm wondering if Bella is thinking she'd make a good snow leopard or is she thinking, "Thank God I'm not out there!)

The Right Guy said...

Tell me about it. My neighbors that live next to the corn field next to our development have 8-9' of snow across their yards. Where in central iowa? I live 14 miles west of des moines.

Steve Burri said...

Whew! That storm stayed generally south of us. We only got a few inches.

Steve said...

The Right Guy,

The top two pictures were taken in Decatur County.

Speaking of Des Moines, I have taken Pat there a couple of times, and she likes it, and we plan on several more visits. She had fun walking the Skywalk, eating at the Hessen Haus, visting the State Capitol, and the other attractions Des Moines has to offer.

sheryl said...

bella just gets excited when i pull up the blinds so she can sit on the window sill. she doesn't care what kind of weather it is...well...actually she loves it best during nice weather when the windows are up. she'll sit in the windows for hours.

The Right Guy said...

I am up in Dallas County. I used to work in Afton though...The Hessen Haus is good.

Steve said...

If I'm not mistaken, my grandfather was born in Dallas County. Also, I am very familiar with Afton. My dad did business at the Afton co op. I also competed in a couple of track meets at East Union High.
A couple of years ago, after I took Pat to Winterset to see John Wayne's birthplace, we stopped and got donuts at Casey's General Store in Afton. Good Stuff!