Monday, February 22, 2010

Obama's Health Care Plan

I have such a feeling of dread over this upcoming health care summit that is to be televised this week. Why do I have the feeling that we're walking into a massacre?

Politico has the story this morning which, basically, the short version is that Obama has his plan ready and if the Republicans don't go along with it, he'll just push it through with reconciliation and call the Republicans obstructionists.

This plan is supposedly not exactly like either of the two plans we have before us right now in the House and Senate, but one of Obama's crafting. This does nothing to alleviate my sense of doom:

And yet Obama is unveiling a health care bill just days before the six-hour summit that wouldn’t require a single GOP vote, with plans to short-circuit the Senate rules and push it through without Republicans if necessary.

One of the proposals Obama is expected to make is to prevent arbitrary rake hikes by insurance companies such as Anthem Blue Cross in California. This is, of course, more government regulation in private industry which is not where Americans need to go. Granted, nobody wants their insurance rates to go up, but for the government to forbid it will only serve to, in the long run, force those companies to go out of business. Which is, of course, likely part of the long plan.

You can read Obama's plan here.


Anonymous said...

Once again, to all the people who voted for Obama and a liberal controlled Congress just for Hope and Change. Thanks for screwing over the rest of us!

lady di said...

Boy, I am with you. I thought we were done with this and moving forward on jobs. You know, this health care insurance was not an issue when people had good paying jobs, it once was a company benefit, now it is a right!

Red said...

I know his plan by heart and don't have to read it. It goes something along the lines of letting us eat cake. And ankle-grabbing. I think I read that somewhere as well. Basically ankle-grabbing cake-eaters is what he classifies us as.

yukio ngaby said...

Obama seems hell-bent on making the economy unsustainable. It is just maddening to watch this tone-deaf nonsense. The current Dems are digging their political graves.

@ Anon-- Well, at least they're getting screwed themselves, as well.

david7134 said...

It does seem that anytime the markets begin to stabilize and the economy improving, he pulls out something to throw a wrench in the works. Who would want to hire somebody with all the uncertainty that this nut presents from socialized medicine to climate and energy issues. Will our country survive long enough to get these people out?

YJLAW said...

Why don't the Republicans simply introduce their bill before the summit and ask for its inclusion, incorporation, or for a debate between the two? If he refuses to entertain such, he's the one acting unilaterally. Use the summit as a way of introducing the bill and discussing its merits. If Obama refuses, then walk away from the summit saying clearly, he has no interest in hearing our ideas.