Thursday, February 25, 2010

Krauthammer on The Summit

Charles Krauthammer from last night's All Stars on the health care summit:

“I think this is not about real compromise or finding a middle way, this is all about theater. It’s a two act production tomorrow six hours long…an Obama production that pits the Children of Light against the Apostles of Nihilism. That’s exactly how he’s staked it out and I think his whole idea is to present an event in which he gets the upper hand or the Republicans produce a sound bite that is embarrassing and it encourages the troops in the House and the Senate because he then has to go into reconciliation which is a tricky maneuver, and a parliamentary maneuver, and which is extremely problematic. Tomorrow is all about theater and after that is real legislation.”

On reconciliation and Biden’s criticism of the Republican power grab when they used reconciliation:

“It’s a three-bank shot. And I think it gets stuck int he House because Pelosi lacks the votes and in the Senate because it allows the Republicans endless amendments, but I want to add one thing: I want to see the text of the prayer that Biden is now offering that Democrats not nakedly grab power. I’d love to have that liturgy so we can all repeat it.”

Good theater coming up!

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