Sunday, February 7, 2010

Crib Notes

Aww heck, I have notes on my hand, too! What's the big deal!? At least I don't need a Teleprompter in my living room to remind me who to cheer for as I suppose some folks do.

I can just imagine the Super Bowl party at the White House:

(Cheer now.)

"I'm pulling for New Orleans."

"Boy, that Peyton Manning is really something!"

"It's Bush's fault."


Anonymous said...

Maybe Palin should have used a teleprompter. The Obamabots are so damned used to seeing one of those things they probably wouldn't have even noticed had she used one.

They left laughs about the use of notes, but don't say one word about Obama using a teleprompter to talk to a bunch of sixth graders.

Lynn said...

The left only shows its desperation and terror when carrying on about 3-4 words written in Gov. Palin's hand. Three or four words on the hand is not even in the same universe as carrying around four or five teleprompters to a sixth grade class.

MarySue said...

Congrats Pat, it was a great game and it must be thrilling there in LA.

Red said...

So she uses the original 'palm pilot". So does Husband. At least she doesn't rely on it to the point of dictating her thoughts ala TOTUS.

yukio ngaby said...

The left has been using this "issue" to indulge in sexual jokes regarding "hand jobs."

Both classy and progressive. And not one bit sexist at all... Nope. Nope. Nope.