Thursday, February 18, 2010

An Experiement with the Kindle

Shhhhhhhhhh! Don't tell Bride of Rove, but I've downloaded the Kindle app for my iPhone and I'm giving it a shot.

The app is free - why would I buy a $300 device?

She's an ardent supporter of the e-book, and I've griped and moaned about them for a long time now. Bride has kindly not told me to shut up until I've tried it - she's too nice for that. She did suggest that I don't know what I'm missing. And my own good conscience says I should give it a try before I knock it.

I can see the benefits in e-books to some degree. Portability. And it's true - you don't want to keep ALL your books. It's cheaper than real books. It's spontaneous - you can download a book on a whim.

My first e-book is one that I know I don't want to treasure later and keep on the shelf for reference. I'll never be able to Kindle those. (Is "kindle" a verb now? I mean, "Facebooked" is a verb now, so why not "kindle"?)

Anyway, my first e-book is Sue Grafton's "U" is for Undertow. I've read all the others and hate to bail on her before I get to the end of the alphabet, although Kinsey is stuck in the eighties.

I'll report back and let you know how my experiment turns out.


BoR said...

Prepare to get hooked.

Oh. And. Me? Nice? You must be skipping over the rants, then. ;-)

MarySue said...

Ooh I just got a new phone and lo and behold they have a blackberry app for kindle also. I think this is worth a try for the portability. I already like the instant gratification part of Kindle for PC but don't like being tied to the computer any more than I already am, of course.