Monday, February 22, 2010

Nebraska Snow Pictures

I asked faithful reader Trish to send me pictures of her Nebraska snow. WOW! Did she send pictures! This Louisiana girl has never seen so much snow! Just beautiful!

Thanks for sharing, Trish!


Steve said...

Trish, I'm stepping out on a limb here, and no pun intended, but I'm guess there pictures were taken in eastern Nebraska, because there are trees.

I remember snow like this growing up in southern Iowa. I also remember seeing snow like this in Omaha several times, when my dad would take me with him to haul a load of hogs to the stockyards.

ytsmom said...

Hey, we have trees in central and western Nebraska, too! Especially in the towns. However, this year, the eastern part of the state has really been hit with more snow.

TNelson said...

What a surprise to see my photos on your blog!. Yes Steve I do live in eastern Nebraska in Omaha right across the river from Council Bluffs. These photos were taken at around 150th and Dodge if you're still familiar with Omaha. We are all thoroughly done with this snow and would gladly pick it up and send it to some one willing to pay the freight to ship it. Can't wait for spring!

steve said...

I'm not as familiar with Omaha as I was when I was younger, but I have an idea where the pictures were taken.
My grandfather use to live in Omaha, and I still have cousins living in Council Bluffs.
The last time I was in Omaha was about 8 years ago and went to the great zoo you have there. I want to take Pat there. When we were watching the College World Series I pointed out the the zoo and what housed the rain forest and the desert. I really liked the house with the penguins.
As far as the crack about trees only being in the eastern part of Nebraska was just a joke.
Several years ago I was performing my two weeks Army Reserve training as an instructor at Ft Chaffee, Arkansas. We had a large number of reservists and guardsmen from Nebraska and Kansas in the class at that time, and we had them in the field for a map orientation training. One of the other instructors yelled out, "For all you soldiers from Kansas and Nebraska, those green leafy things you are looking at are trees."
I knew better but still thought it was funny.
I know how you feel about winter, that was one factor for me not returning to Iowa.