Monday, February 15, 2010

The Dog Show

Well I was going to try to watch some of the Winter Olympics this year, but heck -The Westminster Dog Show is on tonight!

For a proper perspective, check out this article on why the dog show is better, for example:

Beagles. Beagles make everything better. They swagger around the dog show ring with a merry attitude, as if they just successfully stole the poodle’s food. They don’t usually do well at big shows, because judges prefer breeds whose hair can be styled. But Uno the beagle won Westminster in 2008, and he remains the most popular champion in the show’s history.

Yeah. I'll be watching the dogs! And I'm not pulling for ANY poodles!

1 comment:

Red said...

Ugh. I can't stand poodles! I once wanted two female Dobermans without the ears and tails nipped. One would be named "Demeter", the other "Persephone".