Friday, June 25, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

It's the dog days of summer around here to be sure.  My blogging has been kind of slow over the past couple of days, too.  Everything slows down.

We got a little rain yesterday for the first time in weeks.  The grass turned green again overnight so I got out and did the yard this morning before we hit triple digits again.  It always looks so nice when it has just been mowed. 

Even the dogs are feeling the heat; the lab thinks he wants to go outside and chase the tennis ball, but after four or five throws his tongue is hanging out and he's ready to go back inside.  Both of them have rejected the carpet and spend the afternoons on the tile floor in the bathroom or the Pergo in the kitchen, and that's with the AC cranked down meat locker temps.

My mother has read every single book in the local library that remotely holds her interest.  I spent an hour, literally, in there yesterday trying to find something she would read and walked out empty handed.  I'm headed to Barnes & Noble today and maybe some used book shops.  She's heavy into memoirs and biographies. Some fiction but she prefers female authors and nothing racy or "obscene."  Think Rosamunde Pilcher.

I'm reading the latest Abigail Adams biography (in sidebar) and it's really good.  Very "readable," whatever that means.  I love the purity of the language and the way they spoke then.  It was just beautiful.  We've mangled the English language through the decades.  Seriously.  My teenager says things to me I can't even deciper. "Man!  That car is FIRE!"  Hunh?  "He's stuntin' on me."  ?????  Okay.

So things are slow but I think back to the school year when my stress level was off the charts and I had too much to do and too few hours in the day and I would have given anything for a few quiet hours to read and write and work on my blog.  My goal for the summer, as it always is, is to try and get my stats up and increase readership.  I'm still plugging along about where I always was with hits.  I missed some major part of Stacy McCain's How to Get a Million Hits lesson, apparently. 

Life is slow, but it's okay.  It's summer!  I still have some interior painting to do and a couple of closets to clean out.  Then I'll feel like I've accomplished something around this place.

I'm going to hit the showers and get the yard sweat off of me and see what the day holds.


Red said...

I think McCain needs to put you in his Rule 2 spot.

smitty1e said...


Lynn said...

Great photo. Your lab sounds like mine,i.e., wants the tile floor after a quick jaunt outside. Mention outside to him and he lays down.

While the Texas heat is not as hot as previous summers, it seems to be worse. I cannot stay outside 5 minutes without sweat pouring down my face into my eyes. So, my outside activities are either in the early morning or early evening.

Like your recommendation of the Abigail Adams book. Think I'll see if our library has a copy. :D