Friday, June 11, 2010

Obama Finally Summons BP

Forget Tony Hayward, Obama is going straight to the top of BP, summoning Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg to a White House meeting next Wednesday.

Even the LA Times is noticing Obama's delay in finally talking to BP executives:

But now many are noting a curious but more ominous thing:

In the nearly eight weeks that the ancient oil has been escaping its subterranean imprisonment, Obama has found....

...time for a couple mini-vacations with golf, a dose of party fundraisers, healthcare town halls, TV interviews, a high school graduation, a festive White House lawn picnic with members of Congress, a Paul McCartney music hoedown, an ABC July 4th TV taping and a session with a key Palestinian leader.

Thursday Obama issued important statements celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Department of Labor's Women's Bureau and King Kamehameha Day, and mustn't forget, Portugal Day.

Portugal Day?  How did I miss that?

The headline on Drudge (pictured above)  today says it all.

What was it that finally made Obama decide he should talk to BP after all?  Could it have been this?  Or was it just the buffoonery of his answers to Matt Lauer?  Maybe he thinks Bobby Jindal is making him look bad.  I doubt it's any sudden acquisition of leadership skills.

Whatever it was, it's long overdue and I hope some good comes of it.

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