Monday, June 14, 2010


I'm updating my blogroll over there on the right; I'm taking off some that never ever update anymore and adding some new ones that I meant to add and have ...well, been lazy about.  Something about blog maintenance is just dull.

If I delete you and you want to be put back on, shoot me an email.  If you read me, have a blog and think I ought to put you on the roll, email me or leave a comment.  Ditto with the Favorite Sites under the blogroll.  Some of those things are long dead or irrelevant.

Yeah, so...maintenance.

Good times.

Update:  cleaning up labels, too.  Even more dull.


Fuzzy Slippers said...

Ugh, I need to do this, too. Especially the label thing, half the time I don't remember to include any at all. :( I wonder if anyone ever clicks on labels anyway? hmmm

Pat Austin Becker said...

Actually, I use the labels sometimes. Sometimes I'm looking for a post to refer to and find it that way. I use it sort of like a filing system!

I have a problem with my "Obama" label though; there are 324 of them (right now) and I kind of quit using it because it just seemed redundant. I have 168 under Obamacare. How can I find anything in that! I need to get more specific. OR something.